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Chances are you landed on our site because your surname is Moran. Maybe you found the site because you searched Irish Smelt Fishing and this was your #1 hit. Quite possibly you are here because you needed the latest copy of the “Power Splash Diving Rules & Regulations Guide”. Whatever your reason for being here, welcome! You are at the Moran Family Portal – “A wee leprechaun door to the internet”.

Moran Portal Background

alternate textWhile our surname is Moran, we are a combination of Meyer and Moran. The Irish Moran side contributed the surname, and consequently the color and design of the Moran Portal. The German Meyer side (actually half German,half Irish), contributed the Gingerbread content and the zealous pursuit of Knockwurst and sauerkraut.

Moran Background

Like most Moran’s we came over from the old country”. We were farmers and fishermen from Rosturk, County Mayo, Ireland. We have a few relatives still on the Emerald Isle, but most of the family has moved on to US, UK, Australia, etc. All of Ireland is beautiful, but we are quite partial to the County Mayo and Achill Island.

Here is a picture of the Moran family homestead, The Shady Nook, in Rosturk, County Mayo, Ireland.

Meyer Background

On the German side, we were bakers from Munich. The family came over in 1880 and very few are left in the old country.

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If you are a Moran, related to a Moran, knew a Moran in school, enjoy the site. Have a look around, check out the recipes, study the latest smelt fishing guides. If you do desire to have access to the members only area, submit all your contact info to Bart and if he vets you…you are in.

If you sign the guestbook, and expect a response, we will eventually get to it, in a wee bit of time.


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