Gingerbread Project 2005


Loading cool image shortlyThe 2004 Gingerbread church was a huge success. On prominent display during the Christmas Party, friends, family, and neighbors lined up for a glimpse of the culinary and craftsmanship masterpiece. These accolades went right to the heads of the design team and prompted them to layout a grand plan 2005 Gingerbread project.

2005 Project Links

Carousel Design Specs
Video of working carousel
Additional Gingerbread Pics

During the Epiphany mass, the design came to them. They would create a fully operational Gingerbread Carousel. Plans were started and suppliers were consulted for the technical aspects of this carousel. See link above for the detailed design specs. As with most design specs on this site there are no size specifications, only desgin. Our designer feels it is up to the craftsmen to determine the size. The designer only lays out the image and the vision.

Knowing that they had a huge task ahead of them, infrastructure construction began with earnest in May of 2005. Once the frame was built, specifications for the turntable parts were faxed off to the casting plant in Germany for the purpose of obtaining a quote. The turntable was going to cost a bit more than the budget so the procurement team headed over to Harrison Supply to round up the parts.

Once the structure was complete the electrical wiring began. Bart brought his soldering tools (see image at below). Fortunately we did not have white gas for the torch, so we dug the old Weller 1250 watt up from the workshop and put it to good use. We weren't entirely sure why soldering was needed since there was a wire block. It seems that Bart just wanted to use his soldering iron.Loading cool image shortly

Loading cool image shortlyBy June all work ceased while the team went off to train for the summer splash diving tour. Gingerbread projects are important, however one can never underestimate the training required in order to pull off the “horse & rider” splash dive.

Gingerbread baking commenced in December 2005. Detailed wall and roof specs were faxed to the baking kitchen where they would be baked, then quickly eaten by the baking assistants. This process continued through a few iterations unit the bakes were finally full and production gingerbread pieces could be obtained.

Loading cool image shortlyAssembly began in mid December and the project was completed about 2 minutes before the first guest arrived for the annual Christmas party.