Gingerbread Project 2008

Chicago Michigan Avenue Bridge

Loading cool image shortlyThe previous year's project was well received. The development team was also motivated by historical value of the major public works project that they had modeled in years past. In 2008 they didn't venture far from the previous year's design. They decided to build a working model of the Chicago's Michigan Avenue Bridge.

Check out additional information on hte chicago water tower: Webcam Link Photo Gallery

The technical game would have to be amped up a few notches. To build the Chicago Type, Fixed Trunnion, Double Leaf, Bascule Bridge, the tolerances would be low and the engineering expertise would be high. No more wacking with the iron mallet as was done on the carousel. This brige would require a serious team, with a serious plan.

Attached are the original design specs completed by the gingerbread design and development agency. Clearly missing is any type of scale. The archtect alwasy felt that scale was all relative to the material at hand, and the desgin dock espoused the beauty of the procect rather than mundane details like size and scale.

Michigan Ave Gingerbread Bridge Design Specs