Model Rocketry Program

All important projects in life were devised from the dog eared pages of the Boy Maniac, picked up in the Cub Scouts. The model rocketry was clearly an offshoot of the latter.

Over the years countless hours were put into the model rocketry program. It started with the simple scout rockets, the in advanced into the more practical rockets (need image of toilet rocket here).

As the rocketry became more sophisticated there was a growing need for a more sophisticated launch pad. In 2005 Tony laid out the design specs, and Adam went to work on the plan.

History of the Adam Moran designed and built multi unit rocket launcher.


6 Bay, remote launcher with 25' launch controller, safety key, launch horn. Design commenced in summer of 2005 and operational model was completed in December 2005.


In 2008 legs were added to the launch platform so the base could be at waist height rather than lying on the ground. (note, it was quite dangerous when young racketeers would stare down over the launch rods when the launcher was at ground level.)


In 2009 directional gimbals were added to the launch rods. Previously if you wanted any direction other than straight up you had to tilt the whole launch apparatus.


Planned release: April 2011
Wireless 802.11x launch controller
I-Phone support
PLC controlled firing relay linked to wireless router
Variable launch rod diameter
Stronger directional controller for larger rockets
Integrated fold down legs


Planned release: TBD
QR codes on rockets to track rockets in I-Phone app
Communications app to communicate status to users via text (ie, holding, staged, launched, recovered, lost)
Web Portal for monitoring real time results.