Smelt Fishing

Loading cool image shortlyThis section of the site is dedicated to the fearless Lake Michigan smelt fishermen. As evidenced by the photos and details on this site, smelt fishing is a dangerous sport. We don't have much here, just a few links that could help out the new fisherman. If you are more interested in joining this elite brotherhood of fishermen check out our blog at.

Fishing Grounds

This fishing crew hails from the Tower Road pier in Winnetka, Illinois. We have ventured to other fishing spots on Lake Michigan from Kenosha to the Chicago's South side, but we call home the Tower Road pier.

Smelt Fishing Statistics

Here you will find our collection of fishing statistics and other miscellaneous links.

Chart - Annual Catch by Year
Buoy - Check Conditions Here
Fishing Checklist

Education, Classes, and How To Guides

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As part of our public service initiatives we will host the definitieve collection of Great Lakes Smelt Fishing guides and education on this site. That consists of just one manual for now. It is not in PDF yet, so Liam will fax you pages if you request.