Smelt Fishing Haiku

This section of the site is a paradox. We are unsure which came first...Smelt Fishing or Smelt Fishing Haiku. Did the mystical poems, with assurances of abundant fish, draw the fishermen to the lake? or did lonely nights, on the search for the elusive smelt, inspire the creative minds of the fishermen?

While those items will be debated for years, what is clear is the fact that this website has "owned" the number one search result related to "Smelt Fishing Haiku" for the past 8 years and running. If you were looking for Smelt Fishing Haiku you have come to the right place.

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lurking neath the wave
chock full o' dioxin
yummy critters

Liam 2005

In the dark fishing
Fire, beer, smelt are coming near
Just bite the head off

Leslie Janes 2013

winter ice melting
recovering from slumber
hark the mighty smelt

Tony Moran 2014

small beast of the sea
drive out the invading carp
reclaim your lake home

Tony Moran 2014

Sun from green depth deep
Return lifes cycle replete
Arise in glory shine

Tony 2009

swimming in the lake
five brothers never catch them
always get away

Norah 2013

tiny fish they are
swimming in the lake hooray
smelt , quite hard to catch

Norah 2013

Hark the smelt
dark tempest
night falls
violent green water
but still
gently gliding
journeys end

(at this point you hear a lot of people snapping their fingers)

Tony 2005

Editor Note: This is not even close to being Haiku, but this entrant is a driving force behind Lake Michigan smelt fishing so we were compelled to put up his piece of bar room poetry.