The Farm

Loading cool image shortlyTony is diligently scouting the location of the farm. We have given him the list of property requirements which includes, but is not limited to: Pumpkin patch, cool barn, hardwood forest, Maple forest for sugaring, Christmas Trees, trap & skeet shooting range, corn, silage, chicken coop, piggery, pond suitable for water skiing, within 2 miles of existing internet backbone for potential server farm co-location. The plan is to get 80 acres, and he has been approved to spend up to $257 per acre. If you have a farm that meets those criterion, let him know.


As you can see from the picture on the right our farmer is ready to go. She is just waiting for the farm to be purchased so she can get out there and plant a new pumpkin patch. The John Deere has been patiently waiting in the garage for a new plot.

Loading cool image shortly


Here is our farmer with her pet, Buttercup. It is quite important that Tony find a farm quickly so we can send Buttercup out there. Right now Buttercup is in the back garden eating all the rose bushes and drinking from the fountain.