Recipe Database

alternate textThe search for a new recipe database solution is currenltly underway. The current collection of recipes reside in a few formats: Word Docs, old DOS apps, and some online databases. The most extensive part of the recipe database currently exists in dog-eared 3x5 index cards stained with vanilla extract. There are some great sites out there that will host your recipe database. We are investigating these, as well as some other solutions.


User access to the recipe database will consist of (public users (view/query/print), authors (enter/update), and administrators (ie, kick off authors with bad recipes)). Since it seems like we'll end up with a customized solution it will be a PHP/MySQL solution in order to work with our site.

The UI must work well on a tablet since this seems to be the common device for the kitchen work area. The solution must also have good access from mobile devices.

Much to the dismay of the development team, the solution must still be capable of printing out the aformentioned 3x5 index cards. The other print output will be the 8 1/2 x 11 ringbinder style that has become the predominant print version. Key users of the recipe database will be allowed to collect and select their recipe collection for printing.


The following are some of the tasks required to complete the recipe site. (1) Select recipe database solution. (2) Key existing recipe collection into the database. (3) Pictures will be required for all recipes. (4) Implement RSS feed so users can follow recipe database activity.