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2015 Tour Itinerary and Pre-Read. Please pay close attention to the dress code requirement for this tour.

2015 Tour Itinerary

The original water reclamation tour was planned for 2014, however some of our key presenters were unable to make the date. Below is the itinerary for the original tour.

2014 Tour Itinerary

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Recent Events

On Monday, December 21st, 2015, we hosted the 2015 Chicago Infrastructure Tour with the topic: Municipal Water Reclamation.

The tour began at the Stickney Water Reclamation Plant which is the largest waste water treatment facility in the world.

Next we toured the Mainstream Pumping Station. Here we travelled 300 ft below ground to see the massive pumps at the bottom of Chicago's Deep Tunnel.

The tour was concluded with lunch at the Chicago Brauhaus. Tony & Adam presented "A History of Major Chicago Infrastructure Projects - 1872 to Present" while we dined on wienerschnitzel.

Later in the week a few of us extended our water reclamation education with a tour of the Wilmette Harbor Diversion Structure in Wilmette, Illinois.

Previous Events

Below are some of our recent events.

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